Wind power

How we do wind power transports ?

Electric energy which is obtained by means of alternative sources of energy (this is the future), in which invests all the world. Common source of energy is building wind farms. In whole Europe and also in Poland we can note growing interest in the construction of power parksconsisting of several to several dozen wind turbines.

Transannaberg Wiesiollek J.M general partnership specializes in wind turbine transportations. As a transport business we possess full service capabilities in transport and assembly of wind turbines. We have a modern fleet intended for the wind turbine components transportation as well as mobile cranes..
We own the latest trailers Super Wing Carriers 63 meters in length. Liftadapters, trailers Tiefbet, Kesselbrucke, Flachbett and other semi-trailers used for the transport of wind turbine elements.
We organize cranes for the wind turbines assembly and we carry out their placing, erection and installation. We are able to handle each building site of a windmill from foundations up to the working power station.

Our company has the appropriate transport references from the largest manufacturers of wind power plant components in Europe.

This map shows wind parks, at which construction participated our company J.M. Transannaberg Wiesiollek General Partnership:

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