History- 33 Years



…with you for 33 years!


Dear Sir / Madam,

Most important dates of 33 year history of company TRANSANNABERG WIESIOLLEK J.M. Spółka Jawna:

On 12 March 1987 in the municipality of Leśnica company was registred as individually conducted business by Joachim Wiesiollek under the name TRANSANNABERG - USŁUGI TRANSPORTOWE JOACHIM WIESIOLLEK (TRANSANNABERG - TRANSPORTATION SERVICES JOACHIM WIESIOLLEK) with head-office in Góra Św. Anny.

Since 1.01.1993 business is conducted in the form of a civil partnership by spouses Mariola and Joachim Wiesiollek.

On 27.09.1995 the company purchased the property in Strzelce Opolskie, at Zakładowa 5 street. In a result of expansion and modernization of our base, we created office spaces, warehouse, workshop and large vehicle maneuver area.

In year 1999 head office was moved from Góra Św. Anny to the newly createed transport base in Strzelce Opolskie.

On 28.06.2001 company was transformed from a civil partnership into general partnership, and the name was changed into: TRANSANNABERG Wiesiollek J. M. Spółka Jawna. In this form and under that name company is providing transportation services until this very day.

In order to increase overall customers satisfaction and fulfil their requirements, on 20.08.2004 we implemented quality management ISO 9001.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients in year 2011 company began providing transshipment services using cranes.

Year 2012 is the 25th anniversary of companyTRANSANNABERG Wiesiollek J. M. Spółka Jawna. Company`s reputation for all the years of activity was ensured bo good management and great people - our employees.

Mission of TRANSANNABERG Wiesiollek J. M. Spółka Jawna for the following years of activity is to strengthen company`s position on the market and the full understanding and adapting to customer needs.
On the occasion of our anniversary we would like to express our gratitude to companies and institutions cooperating with us for many years of successful cooperation, partnership in business, joint initiatives, developed concepts, taken challenges and achieved successes. We are glad that the cooperation with our company is also part of Your history.

Yours sincerely
Mariola i Joachim Wiesiollek

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